A Pirate's Guide To A Legendary IPO: How To Write An S-1 That Tells A Story Of A DIFFERENT Future

There is an art to taking a company public.

If you have ever wondered why some startups command high-flying valuations when they IPO, and others barely reach a quarter of the value of the current category leader, then you need to read this. Category Pirates—Christopher Lochhead, Eddie Yoon, and Nicolas Cole—walk readers through arguably the most important aspect of going public: writing the S-1.

If there was ever a way to measure public company readiness, the S-1 document would be it.

Within the first few lines of a company’s S-1, you can immediately tell whether they are positioning themselves in the context of the past, or are educating investors on a different (and exponentially more valuable) future. Of all the Wall Street books out there, you won’t find one that explains in such brutal clarity why the words you use in your S-1 are so important—and are the difference between going public with a $5 billion market cap, or a $50 billion market cap.

In this “mini-book” you will learn:

  • Venture capital strategy 101, and why the best venture capital firms and private equity firms invest in companies betting on a “different” future.
  • Why the S-1 document is so important, and the business case for “rejecting the premise” of the current category.
  • How you can prepare your company for a legendary IPO by Naming & Claiming a new category, and creating a differentiated Point Of View of the future of your industry.
  • Why every startup should write an internal S-1 at the beginning of their journey (and the clarity this brings for founders).
  • And why companies that try to go public with a “comparison” strategy end up being significantly devalued in the public markets (and how to fix this in your fundraising documents and S-1).

Short, sweet, and jam-packed with incredibly valuable insights, the information in this book can make the difference of billions of dollars worth of market cap for your company.

A Pirate's Guide To A Legendary IPO: How To Write An S-1 That Tells A Story Of A DIFFERENT Future



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