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It’s like Harvard Business Review, but for Pirates.

Who Reads Category Pirates?

If you’re looking for content like “What Elon Musk Eats For Breakfast To Be More Productive,” please don’t subscribe to Category Pirates. Our readers are leaders, thinkers, and creators who are tired of Obvious content—and are hungry to think in radically new & different ways.


Whether you’re the founder of a high-flying Silicon Valley tech startup, or a solopreneur in a hyper-specific niche, all of the frameworks, mental models, and Category Design strategies still apply.


Category Design isn’t reserved for early-stage startups. C-level, VP, or mid-level managers all have the potential to play crucial roles in helping a company create and/or defend their category position.


If you are a writers, podcasters, speakers, or Digital Creator of any kind, then you must become known for a niche you own. Success isn’t about being “better” than everyone else. It’s about being different!

A “Business Writing Band”

Category Pirates is co-written by Christopher Lochhead, Eddie Yoon, and Nicolas Cole. Just want to hear the hits? Grab (or gift) one of our books!

The Category Design Toolkit

Beyond Marketing: 15 Frameworks For Creating & Dominating Your Niche.

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Snow Leopard

How Legendary Writers Create A Category Of One.

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A Marketer’s Guide To Category Design

How To Escape The "Better" Trap, Dam The Demand, And Launch A Lightning Strike Strategy.

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Day 1

The Category Is The Business Strategy

Day 2

Using Category Science To Discover Breakthrough Opportunities

Day 3

Framing, Naming, and Claiming A New Problem In The World

Day 4

The Magic Triangle Of Product, Company, And Category

Day 5

How To Avoid The “Better” Trap

Day 6

The 8 Category Levers Of Radical Differentiation

Day 7

Executing A Lightning Strike Marketing Event To Launch Your New Category