The Marketer's Guide to Category Design

A mediocre Category Designer will beat a world-class marketer every day of the week.

The reason is that all marketing sits within a context. "He or she who frames the problem owns the solution." Without this context—without a category—your marketing becomes nothing but screaming, shouting, and pitching customers with deals, discounts, and other short-term tactics in the hopes of landing a sale. 

But are you building your business? 

More importantly, are any of these efforts going to compound over time and establish you as the category leader?

In this book, you will learn:

  • Native Digitals vs Native Analogs: There is a new category of "human" in today's world: Native Digitals (people under the age of 35 years old). And if you are a Native Analog, then all of your marketing efforts need to sit in this new context called, "For Native Digitals, the digital world is the real world."
  • The Big Brand Lie: Why so many marketers, entrepreneurs, executives, and even investors fall for The Big Brand Lie (falsely believing it's the company's "brand" customers care about).
  • The "Better" Trap: Why comparison marketing never works and causes comparison-focused companies to fight over only 24% of the market.
  • DAM The Demand: How to successfully execute a DAM The Demand strategy, stopping customers in the "old" world and moving them over to the new & different future you are creating.
  • Lightning Strike: How to launch a Lightning Strike strategy—and why "Peanut Butter Marketing" (spread out evenly throughout the year) is a guaranteed path to irrelevancy.
  • Discounting and Gifting: What most marketers don't understand about Black Friday, and why discount campaigns and coupons are a bad way to grow your business.
  • The Content Pyramid: The difference between content marketing that captures people's attention and makes a difference versus content that goes nowhere.

If you are a marketer, an entrepreneur, or an executive who wants to approach marketing through a category lens, this is the book for you.

Reader Review

This book will not only change the way you think about your company, it'll ensure you are steering your ship in the right direction—saving you time, energy, and money

Dr. Matthew Jones, Amazon Reviewer