The 22 Laws of Category Design

The 22 Laws of Category Design is for a very small percentage of business people.

You see, most people in business are not trying to use Category Design to create a new category that changes the future and generates exponential new value. Instead, many people in business are trying to “not get fired.” Many people want to go to work, make a contribution, and go home.

But Category Design is purpose-built for people who want to make an exponential difference, not an incremental better.

Category Design is a business discipline that helps companies earn the majority of the value created in a specific new or different category of products or services. (Primary research on Category Design in Play Bigger, the first Category Design book, shows that in technology categories, one company earns 76% of the total market cap value created.) The 22 Laws Of Category Design is specifically tailored for entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, business leaders, solopreneurs, and consultants who “think different.”

It challenges conventional business and marketing wisdom, teaching you how to leverage the power of Category Design to create new markets, dominate existing ones, and build lasting companies.

In this book, you will learn:

  • 22 Category Design principles that, when combined together, can help you become a Category King or Queen and make it impossible for someone else to “do what you do”
  • How to create new categories and redefine existing ones using a unique POV, Languaging, and a powerful marketing strategy called a Lightning Strike
  • Detailed, real-life case studies on companies that designed and dominated new categories—from Apple's redefinition of the mobile phone category to Lululemon's reign over athleisure, Liquid Death's rise above bottled water brands, and more
  • How to immediately begin applying what you learn, and work towards the outcomes you want, with 11 in-book exercises that help you engage your thinking, defy conventional business strategies, and drive company growth
  • Why marketing your brand, instead of your category, is a faulty and selfish strategy, and how companies like Southwest Airlines, Bombas, and 5-Hour Energy win by putting Superconsumers first
  • Lessons and quotes to help you continually reflect on Category Design so you can transform your thinking, actions, and outcomes forever, instead of for a few months

You will be able to start applying these principles through 11 in-book exercises:

  1. Start Rejecting the Premise
  2. How to Find Your Superconsumers
  3. Put Your Category First and Your Brand Second
  4. How to Frame, Name, and Claim a Category
  5. Be Different, Not Better
  6. Create Net-New Demand For Your Category and Company
  7. Build Your DAM the Demand Strategy
  8. Create Your Digital Air Offerings
  9. Figure Out Your Pricing
  10. Innovate Your Business Model
  11. Find Your WOM Super-Geos

Through powerful insights and practical advice, this book will give you a unique roadmap to defy conventional thinking and create categories of consequence.

Reader Review

"Category design is my north star for business success. I revisit it nearly every day. It helped me launch out of a 15-year corporate career, and I'm now running a thriving coaching business that impacts so many lives. "22 Laws" in particular, is highly-actionable. Right mix of stories, mindset, strategy, and tactics.”

Matt D., Amazon Reviewer