How To Become A Top 444 Author: How To Scale Breakthrough Ideas

The pinnacle of sharing your insights with the world is writing a book, whether you are a writer, a creator, an entrepreneur, or an executive.

If you want to make a difference in the world and you want the best possible shot at producing a best-selling book, this mini-book will give you a framework. Learn how to turn your insights, perspectives, and stories into an asset that not only gives you the title of “author,” but changes the way people think AND pays you dividends long into the future.

How did our team at Category Pirates come up with this framework?

By analyzing the top 444 best-selling business books in the last two decades.

In this “mini-book” you will learn:

  • What makes some writers stand the test of time, and others hit the New York Times best-seller list before fizzling out months later.
  • Why certain book ideas scale and others do not, and how to apply insights from the most extensive research done on this topic.
  • The 7 categories your next book needs to fall in if you want to be a success, including the longevity of sales for each category.
  • How to tell if the book you want to write is Idea-Centric or Author-Centric, and the first 3 steps to get started.
  • The title and subtitle formula that makes sure your book attracts the right readers and repels the wrong ones.

Short, sweet, and jam-packed with incredibly valuable insights, this “mini-book” shares how to increase your chances of writing a best-seller and presenting an idea that “scales” to millions of readers.

How To Become A Top 444 Author: How To Scale Breakthrough Ideas



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