How To Create A Category As A Small "e" Entrepreneur: 7 Legendary Ways To Niche Down

One of the most common questions entrepreneurs and small business owners ask is, “How do I create a category if I’m not a heavily funded startup or some massively successful company? How can someone like me create a category of my own?”

This reveals maybe the single greatest benefit of category design: Anyone can do it, at any stage of their life.

In this “mini-book,” you will learn the 7 ways small “e” entrepreneurs (solopreneurs, small business owners, consultants, advisors, freelancers, etc.) can become known for a niche they own:

  • WHAT do you do… that you are uniquely known for?
  • WHO do you do it for… who are surprisingly willing to pay large premiums?
  • WHEN do you do it… that sits at the peak intersection of Important and Urgent?
  • WHERE do you do it… that if money were no object, everyone would want it?
  • WHY do you do it… that is so in sync with the Superconsumer, word of mouth spreads like wildfire?
  • What OUTCOME do you unlock… that is 100x more valuable than the price you charge?
  • How much and “how” does it COST… that is both a value & a premium, and the ‘way you pay’ is a benefit in itself all at the same time?

These are areas of opportunity for you to execute a No Ocean Strategy, meaning you CREATE something in the world that previously did not exist. And the more of these “niche down” opportunities you combine together, the more different you are and the more difficult it becomes for someone else to “do what you do.”

In addition, in this mini-book you will learn:

  • How Velveeta became one of the most successful brands at Kraft, and how you can double-down on what makes your product or service truly different.
  • Why Superconsumers are more valuable than high-volume buyers, and how you can grow your business by targeting underserved customers who are obsessed with your category.
  • How to be a true missionary with a radically different POV in a way that gets word-of-mouth marketing to spread like wildfire.
  • And how to niche down, and niche down again, to ensure you have zero competition—and is seen as both a "value buy" and a premium product or service at the same time.

Short, sweet, and jam-packed with incredibly valuable insights, this mini-book is a How-To guide for any solopreneur, entrepreneur, or small business owner looking to supercharge their business.

How To Create A Category As A Small "e" Entrepreneur: 7 Legendary Ways To Niche Down



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