How To Write A Top 1% Business Newsletter: 7 Ways To Differentiate Your Content

What separates content that gets read, shared, bookmarked, and favorited versus content that falls on deaf ears?

Why is it that some digital creators can build email lists in the hundreds of thousands, even millions of subscribers, while multibillion-dollar companies with all the resources in the world struggle to build and engage readers via their company newsletter?

In this mini-book, the Category Pirates—Christopher Lochhead, Eddie Yoon, and Nicolas Cole—reveal the 7 strategies creators, writers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and companies can use to differentiate their content (and how Category Pirates became one of the Top 10 most-read paid business newsletters on all of Substack in less than a year).

Differentiation is not about short-term growth hacks, social media marketing tactics, or viral tricks. True content differentiation is about providing readers with a different lens through which they see the world.

In this “mini-book” you will learn:

  • The 7 ways creators and companies can differentiate their content.
  • How, if you aren’t going to be an original content creator, you should be a high-value curator.
  • The importance of not confusing “length” and word count with value.
  • How to write with courage, and say what no one else is willing to say (yet).
  • 3 actionable steps to providing readers with new, fresh, differentiated thinking.
  • And how to craft a radically different Point Of View.

Short, sweet, and jam-packed with incredibly valuable insights, this “mini-book” is a goldmine of mental pivots and actionable insights that will help you cut through the noise of your industry and become a voice of thought leadership, at scale.

How To Write A Top 1% Business Newsletter: 7 Ways To Differentiate Your Content



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