Parenting Like A VC: Why Your Kids Are Founders You Invest In (Not Employees)

Parent As CEO: “You work for me.”

In the modern world, the purpose of parenting often has much less to do with children learning how to put food on the table and much more to do with the unfulfilled dreams of the parents themselves—or the expectations they strive to live up to based on their surrounding communities (both physically, in their neighborhoods, and economically, in the context of their standing in society).

The category of Parenting evolved into CEO-like category design. And few people questioned it.

Now, it’s unclear whether this Parenting Category Design is working well.

In 2017 the suicide rate among kids 10-24 was 56 percent higher than it was in 2007. The youth unemployment rate in July 2019 was the highest since 2010. According to the Brookings Institute, children born in the 1940s had a 90 percent chance of making more money than their parents. And 40 years later, that figure has dropped to 50 percent, turning the American dream a coin flip.

In this “mini-book” you will learn:

  • What the Netflix documentary, Operation Varsity Blues, can teach us about parenting like a VC and not a CEO.
  • Why “success” is so difficult to define for children in the modern world, and what parents should think about instead.
  • The 3 areas of life where parents can have the most impact: Career, Money Management, and Beliefs.
  • And why becoming a Parent as Investor requires the parent to also become a category designer themselves.

Short, sweet, and jam-packed with incredibly valuable insights, this “mini-book” is intended to help parents get out of the mindset of telling their children what to do and how to do it, and instead moving into a role where they foster freedom of choice, creativity, and appropriate risk-taking.

Parenting Like A VC: Why Your Kids Are Founders You Invest In (Not Employees)



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