Position Yourself Or Be Positioned: The Personal Category Design Playbook

Human beings are not brands.

Listen closely...

Oprah Winfrey is not a brand. Oprah is a Black woman who was born into poverty in Mississippi to a single teenage mother who used her challenging and troubling childhood to inspire her to create a new category of television talk show that evangelized a more intimate, emotional, and confessional form of media. She did something different.

Muhammad Ali is not a brand, he’s one of the greatest boxers and human rights activists to ever live.

Bill Gates is not a brand. He’s one of the greatest entrepreneurs in history.

None of these people became historical figures because they were known for being known. They mastered their craft, did something unique and different, provided immense value to the world, and then they became known as a byproduct of their work and their commitment to sharing their insights, perspectives, and talents with other people.

The unfortunate reality is that the term “personal branding” gets people’s heads confused.

In this “mini-book” you will learn:

  • Why personal Category Design is the single point of failure for careers, creators, professionals of all sorts, and artists.
  • The one thing that is going to determine your ability to land a life-changing opportunity—and it is not your title.
  • How to earn a reputation by the category, the customers, and the ecosystem around you.
  • How musicians like Dave Grohl, Bob Dylan, and Jay-Z carved out their own personal Category Design.
  • The steps to becoming known for a new and differentiated niche you own.

Jam-packed with valuable insights and actionable steps, this “mini-book” will share what can you be legendary at that creates significant value for others.

Position Yourself Or Be Positioned: The Personal Category Design Playbook



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