The Big Category Lie: The 8 Reasons (Everyone Says) Category Creation Is A Bad Idea

Most people believe Category Design is who-ha, malarkey, and/or B.S.

And you can’t blame them, really. There are over 50,000 marketing books, 30,000 business strategy books, and 20,000 entrepreneurship books on Amazon.

Most of them say similar things, and most of these teachings share the same contextual scaffolding: that the path to success is about competing in an existing market category; that your goal as an entrepreneur, executive, investor, or middle-market manager is to build a better product, build a better brand, or execute sales better than the competition.

The bummer is, business doesn’t really work this way. New products do not take over old markets. Instead, new categories displace old categories. And the two are not the same.

But the competitor/product lens is so deeply ingrained in the average business person’s brain, it would never occur to them to think about or challenge this premise—nevermind reject it.

In this “mini-book” you will learn:

  • The 8 reasons why business leaders and executives think Category Design doesn't work.
  • How companies like Netflix, Amazon, Uber, and Chipotle prove the vast majority of people spend their money on Category Creators.
  • Lessons on inventing a new category from Steve Jobs, Apple, and the iPad launch.
  • Why capitalizing on trends was the downfall of companies such as Yoplait, Blockbuster, Levi's.
  • The one thing that creates a strong, valuable community of Superconsumers.

Packed with incredibly valuable insights on the biggest myths in Category Design, this “mini-book” is a valuable tool for entrepreneurs, innovators, and small business owners who want to change the rules of the game completely.

The Big Category Lie: The 8 Reasons (Everyone Says) Category Creation Is A Bad Idea



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