The Power Of A Point Of View: Everything Is The Way It Is Because Someone Changed The Way It Was

90% of what we’ve been taught about entrepreneurship, business strategy, and marketing is wrong.

Conventional business advice and marketing strategies tell us the best way to “stand out” is to compare ourselves to the competition, and to explain to customers why our new carbadingulator is better, faster, smarter, cheaper, and that’s why they should buy from us (not “them”).

In reality, this is a death sentence.

Christopher Lochhead, Eddie Yoon, and Nicolas Cole (otherwise known as Category Pirates), break down in this “mini-book” the power of creating a differentiated Point Of View: of the future, for your customers, and of whatever new category you are creating and/or designing. With a differentiated POV, customers can clearly articulate what makes you different and why it matters (and will do so enthusiastically on your behalf—which is what sparks word-of-mouth marketing).

But without a differentiated POV, you are just like everyone else. No matter how cool, clever, or expensive your branding is.

In this “mini-book,” you will learn:

  • How Picasso became one of the most well-known (and highly valued) painters in the world by creating a new category of art (Cubism), reflecting his unique POV of the world.
  • Why your POV is the script/soundbites customers use in word-of-mouth marketing when talking about your business and brand.
  • How your POV of the future as a startup, small business, Fortune 500 company, or creator impacts the way you are valued as a result.
  • Why it’s so important to “reject the premise” and evangelize a DIFFERENT future (not just a “better” future in the context of what already exists).
  • And how you can create your own differentiated POV—for products, services, and even the purpose of your life.

Short, sweet, and to the point, this is marketing strategy at its finest, and a playbook for how you can attract customers, clients, fans, and followers simply based on the way you see the world.

The Power Of A Point Of View: Everything Is The Way It Is Because Someone Changed The Way It Was



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