Writer Business Models: How Writers, Creators, And Thought Leaders Monetize

Some writers don’t want to think about the money side.

The question of how to monetize as a writer, creator, and thought leader is a bit loaded—because it requires you to address a deeper question, first. Two questions, actually…

• Question #1: What does the party cost?

• Question #2: And who is the party for?

“What does the party cost?” is your “burn rate"—the amount of money it costs to sustain your lifestyle of happy living. “Who is the party for?” is a deeper, more complicated question—and usually the root issue that keeps so many people from pursuing their passions.

In this “mini-book” you will learn:

• Why most people make financial decisions based on what they want other people to think about them, as opposed to what they truly want for themselves.

• How to determine your "ultimate goal" as a writer or creator (hint: it's not how to make money).

• Why Ryan Holiday and Malcolm Gladwell are both legendary writers, but one is better than the other at Category Design.

• How to monetize content, whether you write a book, create a course, put together a keynote speech, or hold monthly mastermind sessions.

• Tips to monetize your audience at each level of the Category Design pyramid, depending on how you build your audience and who’s in it.

Short, sweet, and jam-packed with incredibly valuable insights, this “mini-book” shares how you get people to talk about you and your work, solidify your Category Design position, and build a legendary career that “pays for your party” for the rest of your life.

Writer Business Models: How Writers, Creators, And Thought Leaders Monetize



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