Create a Category-Leading Business Strategy

Strategy Therapy is a self-paced course that will help you create an honest, bold, and different business strategy using category design principles.

Why does this matter? The vast majority of strategies are built on benchmarking and best practices. They focus on fighting for demand to produce an incremental result.

But this approach is for cowards.

Find the courage to be different.

Spineless strategies don't lead to legendary outcomes.

Do you waste time and money trying to be "better" than the competition?

Do you feel silly fighting your peers for a slice of budget year after year?

Do you know, deep down, your strategy won’t make you the Category King?

If that feels familiar, you're stuck in the strategy planning trap.

Most business strategies fail because of the same 7 problems.

The Strategy Chessboard framework, used to determine your current and future business strategy

If you’re reading this, chances are one (or more) of these problems are keeping you from creating a category-leading strategy.

Maybe you’ve poured over some of the 20,000+ strategy books looking for a solution. Maybe you’ve gone to webinars, conferences, or consultants for your strategy planning. But nothing’s working—and you're stuck with the same problems, year after year.

Strategy Therapy is how you get rid of these problems, forever.

Use Strategy Therapy frameworks to get results and drive exponential business outcomes

Get a dose of ‘tough love’ and build your courage with the help of custom ChatGPT prompts

Join monthly 60-minute live workshops to ask questions, get feedback, and learn from others in the community

Use the Strategy Chessboard to find what makes you special and push you to be different

"IRON" Mike Steadman
Entrepreneur & three-time national boxing champion

"I finished all the Strategy Therapy content over the weekend—absolutely world-class. The Category Pirates App is like a mobile MBA in  my pocket at all times."

Strategy Therapy will help you answer two core questions about your business:

The Strategy Chessboard framework, used to determine your current and future business strategy

Many executives and leaders don't know why their company is successful or special.

To be different – and to design an effective strategy – you need to challenge your company's specialness. We help you do this using frameworks, custom AI prompts, and exercises specific to Strategy Therapy.  You can be bold, knowing you're part of a community of like-minded leaders ready to act as a sounding board.

What you get in the Strategy Therapy mini-course

Brutal honesty and radical courage must be learned. 

Change your mindset & unlock your category potential by learning:

How to demystify strategy by understanding what makes your business special

What it means to be different, and why it's the path to long-term success

How to be brutally honest and leverage the truth to build an effective strategy

What it means to be courageous, and why courage leads to abundance 

Leverage the Strategy Chessboard Framework

The Strategy Chessboard shows you what makes your company, product, or category special.

We Pirates have used it to help high-growth tech startups and Fortune 500 executives make bold strategic decisions that resulted in billion-dollar outcomes.

The Strategy Chessboard framework, used to determine your current and future business strategy

Get the tools to design a different strategy

Monthly live workshops to hone your strategy

At-your-own-pace written and video training content

Custom AI prompts to test your specialness

Templates to help build your strategy

Connect with a community of different-minded thinkers

Strategy Therapy will help you see the world through a category lens. Once you see it, you never unsee it. Which is why this mini-course also invites you to meet, learn, and collaborate with a community of category designers: 

Join 60-minute live workshops with the Category Pirates to ask questions, learn from others, and connect with like-minded decision-makers

BONUS: One free month of the Category Pirates newsletter, where you can read 75+ mini-books on category design strategy and principles

BONUS: Free download of The Annual Strategy Planning Trap mini-book that explains the fundamentals of this approach (4,000+ words)

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